"Se o teu corpo não está sob o teu controle, a tua mente não está sob o teu controle, e o teu espírito não está sob o teu controle, como vais enfrentar o desafio do tempo e do espaço?" - Yogi Bhajan

quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012

September 2012 Numerology Forecast

The month of September brings sweeping change and upheaval to planet Earth. We are poised as a humanity at an emotional crossroads, where the last straw will snap in relation to many personal as well as global issues, bringing about a surge of impetuous behavior coupled with an almost cavalier concern for the final results. There is a desire to make up for lost time and wasted effort, and this impassioned resolve can create more problems than solutions, if not properly harnessed.
We are revisiting the “double 5” paradigm, where there is a 5 for the overall year (2+0+1+2=5), along with another 5 appearing in the Base calculation (month of  9 + year of  5 = 14 = 5). This configuration is particularly intense, as 9 represents completion, and in some cases death.  We are feeling pushed and pressured to leave behind that which is no longer appropriate for us, and depending on the level of consciousness at which we or others are operating, things could get a bit dramatic! These dramas can also take place in our own mind, and it is important to not let yourself get caught up in such an intense internal dialogue that you end up creating a war where you are the only casualty. It happens.
The full moon of this month, occurring on September 29th to 30th (depending on your time zone), is a particularly intense 48 hour cycle. It is imperative to avoid all conflict, as things will have a tendency to escalate way out of proportion to the actual circumstances.
There is a catchy rock n’ roll song from 1969 called “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. This song resembles the potential chaos of this time, so move gently through these days, and know that you are protected by a shield of divinity when you call upon your Guardian Angel.
Looking to the lighter side of September, and fortunately there is one, we will see the beginning of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Number 9 (September) is the Fire Element, and we will have the opportunity to burn away from inside ourselves the mental and physical shackles of discontent and emotional slavery. To finally break free of that which has held us captive (addiction, poor self esteem, etc,), is quite a tall order, so pace yourself as you move through this uniquely liberating time.
The overall number for 2012 is a 5, and 5 represents freedom and liberation. Five teaming up with the 9 of September creates a fierce desire to move forward with a “take no prisoners!” approach to life. The most fascinating part of this analogy is the fact that the prisoner we are no longer willing to take along is ourself.
The charm of September is in the Heart number, which is a 12 or 3. Twelve is the number of tribes, and 3 is social energy, nurturing and creativity. Through the intensity of change on the planet, people who might not have been able to connect will now have the opportunity to do so. There will be a surge of positive response to every situation and circumstance which poses a challenge, and new friendship and alliances will be formed in an instant through these events.
It is important to note that not everyone will be experiencing an “over the top” drama in their life. Powerful change can happen on a more subtle level as well. If you have seen the 1991 movie “Grand Canyon” starring Kevin Kline, it illustrates the inter-connectivity of people’s lives, and how the choices they make are either liberating or confining.  When Mary McDonnell’s character, Claire, is speaking to her husband about adopting an infant that God has placed in her path, she says to him, “Maybe we don’t have any experience with miracles, so we’re slow to recognize them.” This film is worth watching, as there are many pearls of wisdom woven into the dialogue and script.
As the days unfold to the 12-21-2012 cosmic time-clock shift, it is important to hold a space of prayer for humanity, as people are at times struggling with their life’s issues.       I have created a new habit for myself -- whenever I see or hear of a tragic event in the news, I immediately stop what I am doing, bring my hands into prayer pose, and chant three long “Sat Nam’s” for the people in need of help.
As our Souls long to feel included in that which is kind, loving and gentle, know that you are invited to join the “Tribe of the Thousand Petal Lotus.” The lotus flower rests on the surface of the pond, above the muck, silt, and salamanders, emitting the most wonderful fragrance to the world. In comparison to it’s environments, the lotus flower is “In the world, but not of the world”.
Joining together in our tribal bond, each one a petal of the lotus flower, we will dwell in a linked energy of conscious prayer for the uplifting of humanity. Our group psyche will send such a beautiful ray of light that cuts through the darkness of despair, so all may find their way. There is help and hope for all, and I’m right there with you. Sat Nam.
“Those who shall rise to serve the Age of Aquarius shall live forever in the memory of the generations to follow." ~ Yogi Bhajan  
Would you like to know more? Nam Hari can do a personal reading for you over the phone. Hidden in the numbers of your birth date are the secrets to your life’s happiness and greatest potential. Nam Hari specializes in the area of relationships, and by understanding the parallel and diagonal lines of energy between you and another, your chances for success are greatly enhanced. Nam Hari also offers an advanced study course in the  science of Numerology. 310-202-8937  or  575-305-0017 email:namhari17@gmail.com

Novos horários - Alto dos Moinhos (LISBOA)

Sat Nam!

O Outono aproxima-se a largos passos e é tempo do regresso às aulas e ao trabalho!
É também tempo de... regresso às aulas de yoga!!!!

Heis os novos horários das nossas aulas de Kundalini Yoga no Alto dos Moinhos, em LISBOA.

Aulas regulares :: 4º Feira das 13h às 14h
                         Sábado das 9h às 10h30
Aulas para Crianças :: Sábado das 10h30 às 11h30
Aulas para Grávidas :: Sábado das 11h30 às 13h

Começaremos a próxima temporada na 4ª Feira, dia 3 de Outubro!!!

Já sabem que a primeira aula é sempre gratuita, assim que neste novo começo de aulas e/ou trabalho, não há desculpa para não fazer yoga! ;) Apareçam!!!

KY para Grávidas - Aula gratuita no ZEN & TERAPIAS (Malveira)

A todas as Deusas com Bebés na barriga!!!

 :: Sábado :: 22 de Setembro :: 

:: Aula experimental gratuita de Kundalini Yoga para Grávidas ::

Local ::  Zen & Terapias, Malveira (Mafra)

Kundalini Yoga para Grávidas prepara o corpo e a mente durante a jornada da gravidez para o momento sagrado do nascimento.

Confirma a tua presença!

Sat Nam!

Kundalini Yoga no Zen & Terapias na MALVEIRA (Mafra)

Sat Nam!

A partir já deste mês começaremos as aulas de Kundalini Yoga (regular e para grávidas) no espaço ZEN & TERAPIAS, na Malveira (Mafra).

Aulas Regulares :: 4ºFeiras das 10h às 11h30
Aulas para Grávidas :: Sábados das 16h às 17h30

Brevemente abriremos uma aula de Kundalini Yoga para Crianças - Brincando ao Yoga!

Para inscrições: Zen & Terapias 
Para mais informações: Gurukiret Kaur (Ana) 93 517 95 48 // gurukiretkaur@gmail.com

quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Algumas ideias para este final de Verão!

Sat Nam querid@s tod@s!
Lamento tanto este interregno! Tenho estado algo doente nos últimos meses (parte do tempo sem o saber) e a isso se deveu a minha ausência! Mas trago oferendas de paz! :) Aqui vos deixo alguma leitura e alguma prática para este final de Agosto!

::1:: Uma dica:: Como escolher uma kriya para a nossa prática pessoal? (em inglês)
::2:: Uma sugestão:: um texto da minha querida Irmã no Divino Har Rai Kaur sobre a prática dos 40 dias (em espanhol)
::3:: Um convite: sei que começámos faz cerca de 15 dias, mas nunca é tarde para iniciar esta transformadora Sadhana Global para Transformar a Negatividade em Amor. Tem sido verdadeiramente sanadora! E todos precisamos disto um pouquinho, verdade? :) (em inglês)

Que o Eterno Sol Vos Ilumine!
Com Amor,

segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

Aula gratuita em COLARES

Na 3º feira dia 29 de Maio pelas 18h30 venha experimentar uma aula gratuita de Kundalini Yoga no espaço A Cor do Banzão em Colares, com a professora Gurukiret Kaur (Ana Falé).

É uma fantástica oportunidade de experimentar esta maravilhosa prática de cura e transformação!


Mais sobre Kundalini Yoga:

Mais sobre Gurukiret:

Mais sobre o espaço A Cor do Banzão:


quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2012

Kundalini Yoga no Woodstock!

O Woodstock decorreu, se não estou em erro, no ano seguinte a Yogi Bhajan ter chegado aos EUA.
E assim, chegou Kundalini Yoga a Woodstock!
Para quê drogas quando temos yoga?!? :)

terça-feira, 8 de maio de 2012

Sat Kriya

Sat Kriya é essencial para a prática de Kundalini Yoga. É um dos poucos exercícios que é uma acção completa em si mesma. É uma kriya: uma acção ou series de acções que completam um processo e tem um resultado previsível. A maior parte das kriyas consiste numa série que sinergiza. Sat Kriya pode destacar-se sozinha como uma preciosa gema. Qualquer estudante sério deve dominar esta kriya. Um aluno principiante deve começar com 3 minutos todos os dias. O tempo pode ir sendo gradualmente aumentado.

Como fazer Sat Kriya
- Senta-te em Posição da Rocha. De joelhos, sentados sobre os calcanhares com os joelhos juntos.

- Estica os braços para cima, com os cotovelos esticados, de forma que os braços abracem a cabeça.

- Interlaça os dedos excepto os dedos indicadores que apontam para o céu. Os homens cruzam o polegar direito sobre o esquerdo. As mulheres cruzam o polegar esquerdo sobre o direito.

- Começa a cantar o mantra SAT NAM a um ritmo constante de ser de 8 vezes em 10 segundos. Quando cantas SAT desde o ponto do umbigo enquanto o puxa para dentro e para cima em direcção à coluna. Sente-o como uma pressão no centro do 3º chakra. Com o som NAM, relaxa a barriga.

- Continua por 3 a 31 minutos.

- Para terminar, inspira e suavemente contrai os músculos das nádegas e os músculos da coluna em direcção ascendente. Sustem e concentra-te no espaço sobre o topo da cabeça. Expira completamente. Inspira, expira completamente e sustem a respiração fora enquanto aplicas um firme mahabandh – contrai o baixo abdómen, sobe o diafragma, tranca o queixo e contrai todos os músculos desde as nádegas ao pescoço. Sustem por 5-20 segundos de acordo com a tua capacidade e conforto. Inspira. Relaxa a postura.

- Relaxa. Se praticas esta kriya enquanto kriya completa em si mesma, o relaxamento deve ser idealmente o dobro do tempo que praticaste a Sat Kriya. (Se praticado como parte de uma kriya seguir os tempos do relaxamento indicados.)

Durante a Sat Kriya focamos-nos no movimento do Ponto do Umbigo. Puxa-o para dentro e ligeiramente para cima quando cantas SAT. Relaxa-o quando cantas NAM. Continuando ritmicamente, o fecho da raiz e do diafragma são aplicados automaticamente. As constantes ondas de esforço desde o ponto do umbigo gradualmente incluem o movimento de todo o abdómen, tal como as ondas pequenas e rítmicas do oceano suavemente embalam um grande barco. Esta aplicação natural de estes dois fechos, ao mesmo tempo que nos focamos no ponto do umbigo, cria um equilibrio fisiológico. A pressão sanguínea é estabilizada.

Yogi Bhajan diz o seguinte acerca do foco no fecho:”Normalmente quando tentas fazer Sat Kriya desde o ponto do umbigo, incorrectamente tentas aplicar um dos fechos em vez de começar pelo ponto do umbigo. Se fazes Sat Kriya apenas aplicas o fecho da raiz temporariamente sobes a tensão arterial. Se fazes Sat Kriya e aplicas apenas o fecho do diafragma temporariamente baixas a tensão. Na verdade, na Sat Kriya os fechos são aplicados por automática envolvência. Então, a afirmação correctiva é: “Faz Sat Kriya apenas desde o ponto do umbigo e os dois fechos devem tornar-se pequenos ajudantes automáticamente em equilibrio.”

A suave mistura de prana e apana é conseguida a cada repetição do mantra. O mantra bij (semente) estabelece por ele próprio a qualidade sattvica da neutralidade e não-movimento no ponto do umbigo, que permite o fluxo natural da Kundalini em proporção com a necessidade individual de cura e clareza física, mental e espiritual.

- a respiração regula-se por ela mesma.

- A coluna está alongada e quieta. A contração rítmica e o relaxamento produz ondas de energia que circula, energiza e cura o corpo. Isto não é uma flexão de coluna ou rotação pélvica. Mantem-te firmemente sentado nos calcanhares durante os movimentos da kriya.

- O foco do som NAM pode ser o no ponto do umbigo ou do ponto entre as sobrancelhas (a área onde as sobrancelhas se encontram com o ínicio do nariz; esta área corresponde ao 6º chakra).

- No início pratica Sat Kriya durante apenas 3 minutos. Dá atenção a aperfeiçoar a forma, o ritmo e a concentração. De forma a aumentar gradualmente os tempos, fá-lo por ciclos: 3 minutos de Sat Kriya com 2 minutos de relaxamento. Repete este ciclo 3 a 5 vezes. Aumenta gradualmente. Depois faz ciclos de 5 minutos de Sat Kriya e 5 minutos de relaxamento. Depois de acostumares e estares confortável vai acrescentando 3 a 5 minutos ao tempo da kriya. Em breve conseguirás fazer os 31 minutos.

- É importante respeitar o poder inerente desta técnica. Deixa que a kriya prepare devidamente o terreno no teu corpo para plantar a semente da experiência superior. Isto não é apenas um exercício, é uma kriya que trabalha em todos os níveis do teu ser – conhecidos e desconhecidos. Poderás bloquear experiências mais subtis das energias superiores se forçares demasiado o teu corpo físico. Poderás até ter uma experiência de consciência superior mas não conseguir integrar essa experiência na tua psique. Assim, prepara-te com constância, paciência e moderação. O resultado final é garantido.

- Este exercício, como já vimos, trabalha directamente na estimulação e canalização da energia kundalini, pelo que deve ser sempre praticado com o mantra SAT NAM.

- A Sat Kriya fortalece todo o sistema sexual e estimula o seu fluxo natural de energia. Isto atenua fobias sexuais. Permite um controle o impulso sexual recanalizando a energia sexual para actividades criativas e sanadoras no corpo.

- Pessoas com problemas do foro mental beneficiam desta kriya pois as suas perturbações são originadas pelo desequilibrio energético dos 3 chakras inferiores.

- Melhora da saúde física geral uma vez que os orgãos internos recebem uma ritmica e gentil massagem.

- O coração é fortalecido pela subida e descida da pressão arterial que se gera pelo bombear do ponto do umbigo.

Extraído de “The Aquarian Teacher Level One Textbook” e "The Aquarian Teacher Level One Yoga Manual”, por Yogi Bhajan, publicado por Kundalini Research Institute.

segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2012

Aulas regulares no Auditório do Alto dos Moinhos


E que tal começar o fim-de-semana cheio de energia e revigorado?

Aos Sábados às 9h recarregamos energia duma agitada semana de forma a estrearmos uma semana novinha em folha!!!

4ºFEIRAS - 13H 

Não tem tempo para fazer yoga? Tem a certeza? E que tal uma curta escapadinha durante a hora do almoço para se encontrar consigo mesmo e encontrar harmonia, paz, serenidade e vitalidade?

Às 4ºfeiras a nossa sessão é mais curta de forma a que todos os que querem praticar esta maravilhosa arte o possam fazer sem a pressão da agenda!

Apareçam! A primeira aula é gratuita

Mesmo assim ainda é dificil conciliar a sua prática com os seus afazeres?!? 
Damos AULAS PARTICULARES! Uma aula à sua medida e perfeitamente encaixada na sua agenda! Peça informações!

Sadhana Global de 90 dias - O tattva Éter

Sat Nam! Iniciou-se no dia 5 de Maio de 2012 (5-5-5) a nova Sadhana Global de 90 dias de apoio ao Solstício. Sendo um ano "5" o tema é o Éter e está relacionado com o chakra da garganta. E não, não é tarde para começar! Vamos lá?!?

Deixo-vos mais informação sobre esta fantástica Sadhana!


2012 Theme: The Ether Tattva

Wahe Guru Mantra ~

We will chant 11 minutes of the Wahe Guru Mantra everyday to prepare for Solstice and to integrate the Solstice experience after Solstice. You do not have to attend the Solstice Celebration to participate in this Global Sadhana!
Wahe is a statement of awe and ecstasy. Guru is that which brings us from darkness to light. Wahe Guru is an expression of complete ecstatic awe of the Divine. It expresses the indescribable experience of going from darkness to light (from ignorance to true understanding). It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. A trikutee mantra, it balances the energies of the generating, organizing, and transforming principles. It expresses ecstasy through knowledge and experience. It is the gurmantra, which triggers the destiny.

Where We Become One

“See the brotherhood of all mankind as the highest order of Yogis; conquer your own mind, and conquer the world. There is one awareness among all created beings. One who recognizes the One Lord among all beings does not talk of ego. All human beings have the light of the Lord and are the same. Only by subduing one’s pride and ego could one see this light in all.”  Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Speak and Be the Living Truth

The year 2012 is a “5″ year in Tantric Numerolgy.  The fifth chakra/throat chakra (Vishudda) is ruled by the Ether Tattva which which corresponds to the Throat Chakra, the power of projection and penetration. Mastery of the etheric element in combination with the spoken word has the potential of bringing the heavens to the earth–to create a reality that matches the Divine Will. As we are now in the Aquarian Age without qualification, we need to become the answer to living on this small globe together. When we act from our original Self, we begin from silence and we create through the Word. We vibrate with our entire being. We project with the power of the fifth chakra. The past is gone. Let it go. Welcome what is yet to be seen. Release all fear and replace it with trust and commitment.

Meditation for the Ether Tattva

This is a powerful meditation for releasing fear and building trust and commitment through the power of the word.
  • Sit in Easy Pose with the hands in Gyan Mudra.
  • Chant the mantra Wahe Guru using the music below by Nirinjan Kaur. Continue for 11 minutes, then inhale deeply, exhale, and relax.

More on the Ether Tattva

The Tie That Releases
The Throat Chakra is linked with the element of Ether. The origin of Ether is the Shabd – the primordial, unmanifested sound; the energy that is the precursor for sound. Ether has no limits – it is without form or boundaries. Ether and the vibration that creates sound are inseparable; the voice is Ether’s organ of action.
Quantum physics has confirmed what the ancients have known – that there is a subtle energy that exists within and outside of us and connects all things. What can we do with this information? We can perceive that subtle energy as the loving arms of eternity that unconditionally nourish and sustain us.
The quality of Universal Truth is manifested through the Throat Chakra. Universal Truth, which exists beyond the form of subjectivity, possesses the same supportive omnipresence as the element Ether. As we embrace this Tattva, we surrender to the ultimate awareness: All truths united equal One Truth. All spirits united equal One Spirit.
By Nodia Brent-Lux

in http://www.3ho.org/summer-solstice/solstice-experience/theme/

sexta-feira, 13 de abril de 2012

Ciclo de Workshops "SHAKTI - O Despertar da Deusa Interior" 10 Junho 12

Adi Shakti é conhecida como o derradeiro poder feminino inerente a toda a Criação. Literalmente significa “o poder primordial”. Esta energia feminina divina cria o futuro e é a incorporação da criatividade, equilíbrio e completude. Podemos em consciência criar uma forte relação com esta energia feminina, primordial e vibrante, de forma a abraçarmos e incorporarmos o poder inato de ser Mulher, radiante e graciosa!

É o que faremos neste workshop onde utilizaremos Kriyas (conjunto de exercícios), Pranayamas (Respiração), Meditações e Mantras da tradição do Kundalini Yoga que permitirão que a energia de Shakti flua em nós e que reencontremos a nossa Deusa Interior.

Para participar nos workshops não é necessária experiência prévia com yoga.

O que trazer?

- roupa confortável, preferencialmente de algodão ou outras fibras naturais (branco é recomendado mas não essencial). Como vamos praticar também no exterior poderão querer trazer roupa por camadas, uma vez que tanto pode estar frio como calor.

- uma manta, colchonete de yoga, tapete, cobertor ou toalha grande para a prática e uma mantinha para nos taparmos durante o relaxamento e para as meditações.

- comida vegetariana biológica para partilhar ao almoço e lanche (algo ligeiro pois devemos evitar comer refeições pesadas antes da prática).

- água é fundamental durante e depois da prática de yoga.

Orientação: Gurukiret Kaur

Local: Monte Ladoiros (Ourique)

Data: 10 de Junho 2012

Horário: 10h às 18h

Preço: 50€ cada Workshop
(15% de desconto na inscrição nos dois workshops. A partir de 21 de maio 2012 acresce 10€.
Inscrições limitadas.)

Possibilidade de alojamento gratuito

Inscrições: j.guerreiro13@gmail.com // montelab.com

Ciclo de Workshops "A ESSÊNCIA DO SER" 9 Junho 12

Neste workshop usamos a sagrada prática do Kundalini Yoga de forma a criar um espaço de consciência que nos ajudará a explorar a nossa verdadeira identidade e a expandir o nosso “Eu” de forma a experienciar a nossa infinidade.

Durante o dia trabalharemos com uma selecção de Kriyas (conjunto de exercícios), Pranayamas (Respiração), Meditações e Mantras de Kundalini Yoga que nos guiarão numa viagem para além da mente para encontrarmos a nossa verdadeira essência… o nosso Sat Nam!

Para participar nos workshops não é necessária experiência prévia com yoga.

O que trazer?

- roupa confortável, preferencialmente de algodão ou outras fibras naturais (branco é recomendado mas não essencial). Como vamos praticar também no exterior poderão querer trazer roupa por camadas, uma vez que tanto pode estar frio como calor.

- uma manta, colchonete de yoga, tapete, cobertor ou toalha grande para a prática e uma mantinha para nos taparmos durante o relaxamento e para as meditações.

- comida vegetariana biológica para partilhar ao almoço e lanche (algo ligeiro pois devemos evitar comer refeições pesadas antes da prática).

- água é fundamental durante e depois da prática de yoga.

Orientação: Gurukiret Kaur

Local: Monte Ladoiros (Ourique)

Data: 9 de Junho 2012

Horário: 10h às 18h

Preço: 50€ cada Workshop
(15% de desconto na inscrição nos dois workshops. A partir de 21 de maio 2012 acresce 10€.
Inscrições limitadas.)

Possibilidade de alojamento gratuito
Inscrições: j.guerreiro13@gmail.com // montelab.com

quinta-feira, 12 de abril de 2012

Nova aula no Alto dos Moinhos com Hari Rai Singh

Abriu um novo horário no espaço do Auditório do Metro do Alto dos Moinhos!

5ºFeira - 20h30-22h

Esta nova aula é orientada pelo professor Hari Rai Singh!

Apareçam! ***


Rir é o melhor remédio!

Os benefícios de Kundalini Yoga (em inglês)

O processo de Meditação (em inglês)

The Aad Such Mantra: A Code for Unconditional Love

By Nihal Singh on July 20, 2011

(Um pouco mais sobre o mantra AAD SUCH! Desfrutem!)

Bring Yourself Back to You

You are You and always have been. You may feel that with all the changes you have gone through in your yoga practice that you are evolved. Is it evolution or has it been a cleansing process? The theory of evolution is that something was “wrong” and needed to change. What if I propose and alternative theory that you are perfect the way you are, but over time (and possibly lifetimes) you got contaminated. Thus the practice of Yoga is more like polishing a diamond than evolution. Just a thought.

When Guru Nanak reached enlightenment his very first words were the Mul Mantra.
However the first mantra he told everyone to repeat was:

Aad Such Jugaad Such Hai Bhai Such Nanak Hosee Bhai Such.

The mantra is translated as, “True in the beginning, True throughout the ages, True even now, Nanak says the Truth shall always be.
So what does that mean to me really? Guru Dev [master of Sat Nam Rasayan] told me another way to interpret the mantra was, “You were you in the beginning, You will be you in the future, You are even You now. You shall always be You.”

Perhaps it’s like when you became a teenager and rebelled against your parents. You may have thought you were so cool. You begin to hang out with your friends more than your family and your parents try to remind you that blood is thicker than water. You don’t want to hear it. Your parents tell you that despite how cool you think you are, that they loved you before you became so cool, they will love you in the future despite how cool or uncool you get, they love you even right now while you are being annoying about being cool. No matter what you do they will always love you.” Friends come and go, but your parents accept you no matter who you are.

The Aad Such mantra is the code that really teaches us the essence of what is unconditional love. If you understand it you know unconditional love. Unconditional love first starts with yourself. You cannot love another without yourself. Just because you are having a good day doesn’t mean you have arrived to where you want to be. Just because you are having a bad day doesn’t mean you are a failure. Just because you did something wrong it doesn’t mean you are a bad person. You are you and that is deeper than your day-to-day actions. The same goes for our family, partners, friends, coworkers, etc. Keep the essence of Aad Such mantra in mind when interacting with others too.

For maximum effect, here is how to chant this wonderful mantra:

Aad Such
Chant like you are speaking to a friend from long ago and visualize that you are pointing to the past (behind you).

Jugaad Such
Chant like you are speaking to a friend from the future and visualize that you are pointing into the future (forward).

Hai Bhai Such
Chant with the feeling like its going on right now and visualize like your hands are pushing something down from your chest to your hips.

Nanak Hosee Bhai Such
Chant with the feeling like its going on all around you and visualize your palms up and to your sides.

**Make such you are emphasizing the CH in Such like you are coaxing a snake up your spine.

April 2012 Numerology Forecast

One of the most important priorities in life is the ability to take a “time out”. When our life and it’s circumstances intensify it is sometimes necessary to pause in order to regain our perspective. Getting caught up in the fray and fury of frantically unfolding events will not yield a healthy outcome. In many sports games the captain or manager of the team will call a time out when they see that their team is losing their focus. The opposing team naturally senses this, and uses it to their advantage. Even in individual sports, such as tennis, one person will often try to manipulate the game to their advantage by keeping a very fast pace in order to pressure their opponent into making mistakes. Hence the expression, “Never play someone else’s game.” In April we need to take a big “time out” in order to regroup and decompress from the previous 3 months. Life has been intense so far in 2012, however the tide is not always high, and April needs to be a low tide restive cycle. The theme of “Relax and Regenerate” should be a post-it sticky note on everyone’s refrigerator. Allow yourself to pause and reflect on the year so far, and see if you are headed in the direction of your Soul’s fulfillment and highest potential. Little adjustments now will make a big difference later.

Another aspect of April is the tendency for things to disappear. Whether it’s your car keys or airline tickets, you could find yourself at the 11th hour saying,”Yikes, where did they go?” Try to have a safe and consistent place for any important items. For example, you could tell yourself to always leave the car keys in a basket on the kitchen counter, thereby solving this potential problem.

People will be difficult to find this month as well. There is an elusive, slippery quality in regard to communication and our ability to show up on time for events, or to even show up at all. You may hear someone say,”Yeah, definitely, I’ll be there”, and poof, they’re gone.

This is because the number 9 appears in the Base calculation for April. Nine is the mystery number, and represents an elusive, mysterious quality to communication and behavior. Looking to the animal kingdom a perfect example of this would be the octopus. Whenever the octopus feels unsafe it shoots out an inky black liquid into the water so it may hide from a perceived threat. Because of the increased sensitivity in the emotional field on the planet now, you may find people responding with an escapist mentality.

It is interesting to note that in some situations there may be no danger in the environment at all. Remember, the keynote word is perceived threat. Because of the intensity of emotional cleansing this month, a person can perceive a negative feeling that is leaving their consciousness as something which is being projected towards them. It takes a meditative mind to be able to distinguish between these two realities. A most excellent mantra for this month is the “Ad Such” mantra. There are two versions of this particular mantra, and the one which will be especially helpful is:

“Ad Such,

Jugad Such,

Haibhay Such,

Nanak Hosee Bhay Such”

Yogi Bhajan has said of this version: “Anything which is clogged up in life opens up. It is for healing. That’s a healing power.” 4/12/90

I especially like the version on the “Sounds of the Ether” CD. It has a very yogic naad and meter that helps to create a positive flow of the psyche. As Yogi Bhajan has further said, “If you don’t have the flow of your psyche, you will have nothing but anxiety.” The number 4 of April also embodies the scope of words. Four represents the actual words we choose to speak. So, choose your words wisely, as this month has the additionally odd effect of people hearing only what they want to hear. Along with the potential of them getting defensive if they have misunderstood you. It is important to repeat what you are communicating if it is critical information. You may have a neighbor that you occasionally share carpooling with to pick up your children from school. Be sure to leave that extra voice mail message and say, ”So, you’re picking up Timmy and Suzy too, right, okay, thank you!”

OK, so hit that pause button, take a time out, relax and regenerate, and know that the one who can rotate the Earth, can take care of your routine. Next month (May) heats up like a firecracker, and you will be ever so grateful to yourself for the reserve strength you have stored up in your physical body. A camel can cross the hot desert sands because of the water it has stored up in its body. The camel then replenishes itself at the next oasis.

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quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2012

Numerology Forecast for March 2012

(apesar de já estarmos quase no final do mês aqui segue a numerologia para Março... desfrutem!)

Intuition and Preparedness

By Nam Hari Kaur, in AQUARIAN TIMES

If you enjoy drama and intensity, you need to look no further than the month of March for a heaping dose of both! The number 3 (March) is the Fire Element, and there is an additional 3 at play in the Gift number (last two digits of the year, 1+2=3). Three is one of the more emotional numbers, and in the positive polarity it is happy, positive and creative. However, when it goes negative it behaves in an angry and destructive manner. Watch out for people who feel “entitled” to having events or circumstances go their way. If the coin toss turns up heads and they voted tails, there will likely be conflict and crossed swords. Avoid these scenarios at any and all costs, as there is an especially strong current of rage moving through the matrix at this time.


One of the tipping points has to do with issues of honesty and fair play. Because of a dynamic in the sub-layers of the monthly cycle, there is a strong connection people are feeling in regard to unresolved childhood issues of injustice. For example, a man who we’ll call Steve is the youngest child of a large family. Steve has a lot of issues surrounding food, stemming from the fact that his three older brothers always overpowered him at the dinner table. The worst of it was during Sunday dinner, when six other hands got in the way of him reaching for his favorite crispy chicken drumstick. For his entire childhood he wondered, “Damn, why can’t I ever get that crispy drumstick?” Now, as an adult, Steve is invited to a Sunday picnic, and lo and behold, they’re serving up fried chicken! As he scrambles to grab the last drumstick a teenager grabs it out from under his hand, to which he replies, “You lousy #*x&#, that’s my drumstick!” Everyone at the picnic table stares in shocked silence at the grown man behaving like a child, and one of his friends responds, “Steve, dude, it’s only a drumstick.”

Well, the reality is that in the month of March it’s not just a drumstick, it’s everything you’ve ever felt cheated or ripped off about. This “resonance effect” of childhood injustices will have a lot of people acting out of character. The afterthought, “I just don’t know what came over me” will be a common experience.

As spiritual beings living in a sometimes rough n’tumble world, we need to develop an evolving skill set to off-set potential harm from aggressive behavior. There are certain breeds of dogs who are well suited to being trained as “medical alert companions.” If someone is epileptic, and prone to having seizures, these dogs have the ability to alert their owner that the seizure is about to happen. Medical science believes that the dog is able to smell the chemical changes occurring in their owner’s body before the seizure takes place. Then the owner can sit down or get themselves to a safe place before they lose control. We need to develop this canine-like ability to sense when a person or environment is going to change, before it actually does. Then we can shift away from the direct line of fire.


Speaking of fire, there is potential for a major solar flare during March. Hopefully it will flare out away from planet Earth, however the odds are 50/50. A strong solar flare has the potential to knock out the electrical grid for large areas of land. The flare of the sun also has a connection to the molten core of the earth, and a strong solar flare can bring about unpredictable changes in the tectonic plates of the earth. A really excellent video to watch on youtube.com is an “in house” message by NASA to its employees: “NASA Preparedness.” It is a 2 minute 37 second clip of a NASA spokesperson to all their staff members.

I like this video because it is level-headed and non-sensationalistic. Okay, be sure to watch this now, because I don’t want to hear later this year that I didn’t give you enough of a heads-up on potential changes. Yes, step up to the plate on this!


Another aspect of March continues the theme of last month, which is relationships.We need to redefine or discard relationships that are no longer working. Many people are at the crossroads of deciding whether or not they can continue on with a spouse, business partner, or friend who is refusing to evolve in the relationship. It is time to “revamp or recycle,” as the burden of forcing one’s self to bear the weight of dysfunction will affect your spirit, and then your health. This is because the overall number for the year is a 5 (2+0+1+2=5), and number 5 represents the physical body. One of the symptoms of being on the wrong life path is an increasing sense of tiredness. Some people are feeling, “I just can’t go on like this another day.” That’s your Soul telling you that you need to make a change.

If you are feeling confused or at your wit’s end on how to successfully move forward in your life, I have an idea for you! The Ardas Bhaee mantra will shift the flow of your psyche to allow for the right course of action to appear. Yogi Bhajan has said, “Normally there is no power in the human but the power of prayer. And to do prayer, you have to put your mind and body together and then pray from the soul. Ardas Bhaee is a mantra prayer. If you sing it, your mind, body, and soul automatically combine and without saying what you want, the need of life is adjusted. That is the beauty of this prayer.” Wow, how fantastic! You don’t have to wear down your brain chemistry relentlessly thinking, “Should I leave him or not?” or, “Should I ask her to marry me or not?” Just simply chant this mantra for 31 minutes a day, and it will all be sorted out for you. Mr. Wrong will pick up and leave, and Miss Right will say, “Hey, let’s go to Summer Solstice together!”


There is a highly positive aspect to the month of March, and that is the opportunity for new relationships of every variety. By jumping off a sinking ship, you may find yourself in a life boat with other people of a similar caliber and integrity. This potential for new association can lead to a renewed sense of spirit and hope. You may find yourself reflecting, “Gee, I’m not the only one who was going through such a tough time.” Sometimes the Universe will shake things up a bit so that people who would not normally connect can now find each other. March holds potential for new friendship and creating conscious community. We are steadily finding each other as we walk in the vibration of our higher self. The number 12 represents tribes, and 12 is the Gift of 2012 (last two digits of the year).

Everyone in these times needs what I call a “spiritual oasis”—something to look forward to, so we can replenish our spirit. Set your sights on the Summer Solstice Sadhana that takes place in New Mexico this June. This event is a tribal gathering of those souls who long to elevate themselves above the rote and mundane of life, into a freedom that allows one’s self to breathe with a greater vitality and vision. I’ll see you there!

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