"Se o teu corpo não está sob o teu controle, a tua mente não está sob o teu controle, e o teu espírito não está sob o teu controle, como vais enfrentar o desafio do tempo e do espaço?" - Yogi Bhajan

quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2011

Numerology Forecast for July 2011

Clarity of Consciousness in Rapidly Changing Circumstances

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa, in AQUARIAN TIMES

The month of July brings about a time of increased sensitivity in our most important relationships. Whether it’s marriage, work, or friendship, we will find ourselves hypersensitive to the slightest perception of misplaced loyalties. Number 9 is in the Heart meridian of this month, and 9 is the most sensitive number. When it flips to the negative polarity it can be quite jealous and resentful. It is also interesting to note that 9 is the number of mystery and illusion, so our first read of certain circumstances may be fueled more by our own emotions than actual reality. It is necessary to get the facts straight before opening your mouth and committing to a particular point of view.

It will be difficult to get out of commitments or promises at this time; the verbal cement will be drying rather quickly and leave little room for adjustments later. Your own words can come back to haunt or help you, depending on how well you have chosen them.

The 7 of this month (July) represents issues of trust and emotional boundaries. The question will arise, “Who can I trust, and who must I politely maneuver away from?”

Both the numbers 7 and 9 have a resonance with secrets, so be very selective with whom you share any personal information. As harsh as it may sound, Yogi Bhajan once said, “Never share in friendship what can be used against you in animosity.” We need to be our own best friend first, and not set ourselves up for the fall. Self-reliance is one of the greatest virtues we can have in these times. Remember, the flow of electrical energy from the higher spiritual planes to planet Earth is increasing, and not everyone is in a position to handle this increased electrical current. An old house will sometimes need to be rewired so it can be brought up to “code,” so that it can handle the increased voltage in a safe way. Many of us need to be brought up to code too! The previous level of prana (life force vitality) we ran our life on is no longer enough to maintain a happy and creative existence. This is why we have the expression, “He or she is burned out.”

An important aspect of the number 7 is solitude and sanctuary, so now is the time to create an emotional and physical time out from the world in order to stabilize ourselves. We have just passed the midpoint of the year, and 7 represents a time of strategy and adjustments. Allow yourself to go deep within to determine who is helping you, and who is hindering you in life. There will likely be someone that you need to distance yourself from, or let go of completely. Set new boundaries for yourself so there may be a better balance between the outflow and inflow of energy in the “spiritual physics” of your life. Because of the increasing intensity of the overall transition period we are in, there is the need to protect ourselves from “emotional vampires.” Dramatic as this sounds, it simply means that there are people who will devour your positive energy with their endless need for drama (part of the “old code” wiring system). Some people are the leading character in their own soap opera, so remember that you always have the power to change the channel.

Seven is the Water element, and drinking lots of water will help to cleanse and balance your lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system is overloaded it contributes to the feeling of bitterness. The thought, “People are just no good!” is a creeping vine of this emotional negativity. Now is the time to sweat it out of your system, and by doing so you will find yourself refreshed and relaxed. Sit in a sauna, take a eucalyptus mineral salt bath, or run on the beach. Do something to purge out any festering dark feelings you may have. A new wave of opportunity is around the corner in August, and you need to have a crystal clear clarity of consciousness to decipher the subtle clues in the new information coming your way. Break free from the re-run scenario of life, where you end up wondering, “Why does this always happen to me?” Train yourself to recognize the tilt of the first domino tipping over, so you don’t create a sequence from which you can’t bear the consequence. There is a beautifully simple meditation called “Balancing the Nervous Energies.” Yogi Bhajan said that this technique will “make you sharp, and give you the edge over another person.” Our ability to act and respond to rapidly changing circumstances is an increasingly essential part of life. This meditation is so powerful, it is recommended to practice it only 3 to 5 minutes.

Allow yourself to relax and renew in this season of 7, and know that your new found clarity will guide you to the higher ground of spiritual awareness.

As Yogi Bhajan has said:

“In our human relativity, our sensitivity, our mental projection, and our mental activity, there’s going to be a great change. It is very essential for the human race to be watchful, to be creative, and to be equipped with a positive channelizing method for mental energy.”

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