"Se o teu corpo não está sob o teu controle, a tua mente não está sob o teu controle, e o teu espírito não está sob o teu controle, como vais enfrentar o desafio do tempo e do espaço?" - Yogi Bhajan

terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

October Numerology Forecast: Forty Day Count Down to the New Age

October Numerology Forecast: Forty Day Count Down to the New Age

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa, in AQUARIAN TIMES

Watch out world, here comes the beginning of the Aquarian Age just around the corner!
We are now within the 40 day home stretch of a tremendous global shift of energy. Many people are wondering, “How will this affect me?” One of the ways we will be most affected is the increasing inability to tolerate feeling trapped, confined, or suffocated in a dead-end job, relationship, or anything else which affects our heart.

The overall number for this year is a 4 (2+0+1+1=4), and 4 is the Heart Chakra. With the special appearance of number 11 in the calendar year, there is an increasing determination within us to break free from “Soul killing” situations. Some of us have been able to initiate steady, measured steps to bring about these liberating changes, while others are still feeling an overwhelming frustration and bewilderment over what it will take to break free. This is where it is going to get messy.

The number 14 appears in the sub-layers of this month, and 14 is the number of physical consequences. It brings about dramatic change, upheaval, and revolt. Many people will now be at an unstoppable breaking point, and we will be witnessing this in the headlines of the newspapers. There is an American expression which says, “Let sleeping dogs lie.” Do not go looking for trouble this month, or you will find it quicker than you think.

There will be seven “hotpoint” days in October, and they are the: 4th, 5th, 13th, 14th, 22nd, 23rd, and 31st. It’s best to minimize on these days, don’t do anything or go anywhere that isn’t absolutely necessary. Being at home and praying or meditating with others is a good idea on these days. We are in fantastic times, and it is ultimately meant to bring out the best in all of us. The problem is that not everyone has the elevated skill set to behave well, so others will have to pick up the slack.

There is a tendency towards wanting to force things throughout October. This is fueled by feeling fed up with the rut we may still be in, and contribute towards an aggressive attitude of, “If I don’t make my move now, it’s never gonna happen.” This is actually a really bad philosophy to have, and it will only contribute to potential loss and frustration. There are certain situations in life that are best dealt with by simply waiting it out. During the hurricanes and tropical storms which affected much of the eastern coast of the United Sates last month, many people tried driving through flooded roads. Some of these folks ended up losing their car, and even their lives, because they miscalculated the situation. It would have been better to wait it out. Explaining to your insurance company why you thought you could drive through three feet of water may not go over so well. The Christians have a beautiful belief which is, “This too shall pass.”

Speaking of driving, from now until 12-21-2012 it is best is be extra careful and aware while driving your car. This is because time itself is speeding up (because of the shift in the axis of the earth), and not everyone’s brain has been able to synchronize with this shift. The result is that it will affect people’s depth perception.It will also affect our personal sense of timing and rhythm in relation to physical objects and acceleration. This is especially true at intersections and traffic lights, so play it safe by allowing for a margin of safety to cover for people’s perception skipping a beat.

Can you remember as a child a playground ride called the spinning wheel? It is a round platform which has metal handles that you can hold on to while someone spins the wheel faster and faster. Invariably someone would lose their grip, and go flying off the wheel. In the playground scenario there is soft sand to land on, and usually no one gets hurt. In our present time the wheel is spinning even faster, and there’s a 60 foot cliff at the edge of the wheel. This is why there are presently so many people on medication, as they have been thrown off the rhythm of their own life, and have no safety net. The greatest crime, in my opinion, is the increasing medication of our children. Where will their brain chemistry be in ten years?

A popular song of the 80’s is, “I Want a New Drug” by a group called “Huey Lewis and the News.” It’s a very catchy tune, and part of the lyrics say, “I want a new drug, one that won’t make me nervous, wondering what to do. One that makes me feel like I’m with you.” What a telling line. All the singer really wants is to feel connected and loved. All our children want is to feel recognized and appreciated, and in some cases if they vocalize their pain too strongly we drug them for it.

There may be an extreme condition where a person does need to be on medication for awhile, however a “stitch in time saves nine,” and many unfortunate situations can be avoided by diet, meditation, and lifestyle changes. You will never be at optimal health and vitality if you do not have enough vitamin C in your diet. It is the one vitamin which cannot be produced by the human body, and is quickly burned up by stress.

Yogi Bhajan has said that walking 3 miles a day is a basic human requirement for health and mental well being. If you are pressed for time, get an ipod nano and load it up with mantras. Have part of your sadhana be a walking sadhana.

Creativity is the solution to everything. Creativity coupled with kindness is the answer to the prayer of humanity.

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